Creative Director / Copywriter


Natively: Writing, strategy and creative leadership.
Hackingly: Design, code and random collaborations.

Creative Director at LiveAd São Paulo, 2013-2015
Creative Strategist at Wieden+Kennedy, 2011-2012
Creative Copywriter at RC Communications, 2006-2010
Creative Copywriter Trainee at Saatchi & Saatchi London, 2005

Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, Drinkfinity by Pepsico, Red Bull, Newsmonitor, TIM Mobile, Comedy Central, Procter & Gamble and Mario Penna Cancer Institute are some of the companies and brands for which I have worked directly.

Mauro Silva, Lucas Mello, Aline Rossin, Icaro Doria, Santiago Dulce, Anne Heuer, Jean Zamprogno, Helder Araujo, Guilherme Araujo and Dan Zecchinelli are some of the people I have had the privilege to learn a lot from.

Webby Awards, Cannes Lions, El Ojo, Big Idea Chair, Art Directors Club, One Show, Tomorrow Awards and CCSP are some of the festivals that recognized our work with awards and shortlists.

PSFK, Creativity, Hover States, FFFFound, AdAge and Globo News are some of the channels where I was happy to see recent work featured.

Glory and failure were always well balanced.

The Portfolio Mestizo is an educational-experimental template for hybrid advertising creatives. For each client project, a personal project must be uploaded. It was built in collaboration with Flavio Zantut and Felipe Drummond. Available for free at GitHub - it magically uses Dropbox and Markdown for content management. :)

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